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Coffee and Games


You will be required to purchase a BINGO PACKAGE for $20.00 which will consist of all of our REGULAR BINGO GAMES (usually 12 games), plus one strip each of PROGRESSIVE GAMES #1 and #2

(extra strips can be purchased separately)

There are 2 "QUICKIE GAMES" @.50 each and pay $50.00

There is 1 "WINNER-TAKE-ALL GAME" @ $1.00 each

There is 1 "WINNER-TAKE-ALL" GAME @ $3.00 each

Both games are paid out at 90% of game sales

There are 2 "50/50 GAMES" at $1,00 each

Payout is 50% of games sales

There are 2 "PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT GAMES"  $1.00 each

Both games pay jackpot if you cover your card in 53 numbers or less.  Both jackpots increase at $125.00 each week that the jackpot is not won.  Both jackpots MUST PAY OUT, regardless of how many numbers are called, once they reach $2000.00

However, the second jackpot, played on the BLUE paper, is a "must go" if the first ball drawn on the GREEN jackpot is a blue ball. Sound confusing? It's not!  But it's fun!!

We do not use a tiered payout system.  We pay full prizes regardless of attendance.

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